Letter from the president; Fall 2016

Dear member,

Welcome to the 2016-2017 year for the Dutch Canadian Business Club.  While we are already 2 months into the new year, we thought it would be good to give you an update on what has happened and what we are planning for the next couple of months.


On September 8th we held our Annual General Meeting.  Only 10 members, including three board members attended, but including the ten proxies received, a quorum was established.   At the meeting we looked back at the previous year and the plan for 2016 – 2017 was discussed. In addition, a number of decisions were made by the membership:

  • The proposed changes to the bylaws were approved.  The updated document is attached to this letter. 
  • The board made a proposal to change the structure of the annual fees.  Members will no longer be required to prepay for three events as part of the payment of the annual membership.  This way the members can decide which event to attend without potential paying for events that will not be used, and it will allow us to be more flexible with the cost of the events, as we can now organize events that costs less and reflect that in the price.  To reduce the risk of a negative impact from the removal of the pre-paids on the finances of the club, the members proposed to increase the annual dues to $150.  Both proposals were accepted.  The annual basic fee for a DCBC membership is per $150 for the 2016-2017 year, this amount includes the Nieuwjaarsborrel and the AGM, for all the other events there will be a fee per event. 
  • At the AGM the following board members were elected for 2016 – 2017:

President                                      Helen Kuipers
Vice President                             Reinier Deurwaarder
Treasurer                                     Martin Gerlings
Director Communications         Sian de Vries
Membership Director                Paul Pols


The positions for Secretary and Event Director are still vacant. Please reach out to us if you are willing to help your club and become a board member.

  • The Board presented its budget for the 2016-2017 year.  The members proposed to include a $1,000 donation to a good cause, and suggested that cause to be the Mustard Seed. Further, a committee will be formed to discuss an additional donation and the possibility of a charity event. These proposals were accepted, and the revised budget is included with this letter.
  • The members noted that the bylaws requires the formation of a nomination committee.  Despite the role of this committee being limited considering the limited number of members that volunteer for board positions in the last several years, the members requested the board to form the committee for this year, with Helen Kuipers and Wes van der Lee as members.
  • The members requested the formation of a committee that will look into closer cooperating with Dutch business clubs or similar organizations in other locations.  The membership proposed Irene Bakker as a member of this committee.  From the Board, Reinier Deurwaarder will participate.

 Some significant decisions were taken, don’t hesitate to contact a board member if you have questions or would like to discuss.

New Members

Paul has made a flying start as membership director. Only a few weeks into this position, he has already spoken with several potential new members.  At the same time, the best and fastest way to grow the membership is when the other members also get involved in this process. We therefore want to challenge each member to introduce one potential new member to the club, either by inviting them to one of our events or by passing on his/her name to Paul.  For each introduction made before January 31 has a chance to win a $50 gift card.

Audrey van Zuiden”

With disbelieve and deep sadness we heard the news about the tragic passing of Audrey van Zuiden. We would like to extend our sincere condolences to those who are affected by this loss, and wish them strength in this difficult time of sadness.


We had to cancel our first event of the year as a result of only a few member being interested to attend.  Unfortunate, but probably caused by the Thanksgiving long weekend.

Our next event is Dutch Masters - Mingling & painting creates a master piece of art on November 3rd. This is a very relaxing way to network and learn about Dutch Painters. About 20 members will attend later this week.  As we had to communicate the number of participants at the start of the week, joining this event is no longer possible.

At December 8, we will celebrate our annual Christmas Dinner at the modern location of Aloft Hotel and on January 19th we will have Oliebollen at the Nieuwjaarsborrel at Fort Calgary.  Invites will be send out shortly.

“New DCBC Year”

We hope to see you all on our events, come and meet the new members and re-connect with old friends.


Your President

Helen Kuipers