Letter from the president, August 2017

 Calgary, August 1, 2017


Dear Members of the Dutch Canadian Business Club

This will be my last letter to you as President of the Dutch Canadian Business Club.

For over 4 years I am a member of this marvelous club of people, the last tree years as President. Not the easiest years, facing several challenges but with the help of all the board members we established a financial Healthy club with a growing number of members.


September 14th is an important date to remember. The AGM will be held in the Danish Club and I urge you to attend this meeting. During the AGM, you as a member will decide on the future of the DCBC. Not only do you have the chance to be involved in all the decision making of the events but more important you will be able to vote to implement your new board. The following positions are vacant;

President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary /Director communications.

In association with the nomination committee we have already have 4 enthusiastic nominees for a board position. Eduard Spelier, Paul Verhaegh, Remco Kleinlugtenbelt and Sebastiaan Maassen all agreed to be nominated for a board position. Yvette Geerlings and Paul Pols will be available for re-election. Before the AGM we will have a proposal for the several vacant positions and nominations. If you want to become a nominee for a board position, please connect with us as soon as possible.

Events 2016 / 2017      

This board year we had some very different and interesting events, there was a Painting like Vincent van Gogh class, Christmas dinner, of course the Nieuwjaarsborrel with real Dutch Oliebollen, and the traditional Indonesian dinner. We were invited by Joyce van Zeumeren at the Amica at Aspen Woods where Kurt Ellington had a very interesting look at the current economy in Calgary and together with the Facebook group Nederlanders in en rondom Calgary we celebrated Kingsday. Sadly enough, we had to cancel the Speaker event with Angus Watt and Herman Barkema but they will be re-invited for the up coming DCBC year.  


On June 28th board members Paul Polls, Yvette Geerlings and myself handed out, on behalf of the DCBC a $1.000,00 cheque to the Mustard Seed as requested and approved by the members during the 2016 AGM. The cheque was much appreciated by the representatives from the Mustard Seed.



One of the challenges I referred to in my opening was the introduction of a new website. I take full responsibility for the fact that we did not succeed to finish this important way of communication. The website is up and running but there is still a lot of work to be done. One of the hot topics we discussed with the nominees for the board positions was the completion of this website and all promised to give the website full attention.

My wish for the upcoming DCBC year is that all off you will support this club, bringing in new members, attend the events, and help the board where ever possible. With over 45.000 people with Dutch roots in Alberta alone, we should be the biggest Dutch Business community ever.

Looking forward to meet you all at the AGM on September 14th 2017 at 7.30 pm at the Danish Club.


Helen Kuipers

President DCBC